Walks & Events

At last our walks are restarting after such a long time.  Because the future is still a little uncertain initially we will announce the walks one month at a time and full details will be on our Facebook page and on our Blog posts.

We hope as many people as before will join us and that we’ll also see lots of new owners along too.

We hold regular group walks for greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds across Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Hertfordshire.  We therefore have four areas where we walk:

  • South & Central Essex 
  • North Essex and Suffolk 
  • Norfolk 
  • Hertfordshire 

Take a look at our Walk Calendar for all the details.

All of our walks are free and usually last about an hour.  However shorter walks can also be arranged (for any less able humans or hounds), just speak to the walk leader.

Most walks have a cafe or tea room on site (or very close by), giving you the option to stay for refreshments and a chat afterwards if you choose.

We also hold occasional ‘GreyhoundPLUS’ walks to allow other, non-sighthound breeds to join the fun.

All we ask is that you follow our few simple walk rules, in order to make the day pleasant for everybody.

Our Walk Rules:

   Firstly, dogs are to be kept on the lead at ALL times;

   Please bring your dog’s muzzle if they need it, especially new owners – better safe than sorry;

   Please don’t use either extending or long lunge leads (these can cause nasty accidents in a group walk);

  ALWAYS clean up after your dog;

   Finally, remember that each owner is responsible for their dog’s behaviour.

Please Note: If you have a walk based query / feedback / photos to send us, or would like to suggest a new walk venue, please email the relevant team via our contact page.