A Sea of Colour on our 2018 New Year’s Day Walk!

Hylands Park in Chelmsford was a sea of colour on New Year’s Day 2018 as one hundred and sixty nine sighthounds in their best coats brought their owners for a walk.

There were graceful greyhounds, elegant salukis, gorgeous galgos, wrapped up whippets, lively lurchers and playful podencos! The hounds were excited to make new friends, happily sniffing and play bowing and greeted old chums with a wagging tail.

The mud could not hold us back as we came prepared in our walking boots and wellies! As the sighthounds strutted their stuff the public could be heard commenting on how well behaved our hounds were.

The walk was again so well organised with our own car park and so many friendly volunteers on hand. Despite the £186.00 plus VAT charge we amazingly collected £406.08 to help other hounds in need. Super thanks to our incredible organisers for a brilliant day.

There is no better way to spend New Year’s Eve than with like-minded sighthound owners and their wonderful hounds. Have a look at the fantastic photos and see if you can spot your hound and their pals!

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With thanks to Hannah Lewis for the words, Mark Ratcliff and Rob Tiffen for the photos, all our lovely volunteers for their help, all our owners for coming along and last but not least all the beautiful hounds who we love and are so proud of.