An introduction to the Greyhound Walks Committee …

Greyhound Walks like to keep things as straightforward and easy going as possible, however we are a registered charity and we therefore need a certain amount of structure to operate.

Our walks are organised at a local level, as are the show attendances, fundraisers etc, but we also have a Central Committee who take care of such things as insurance, equipment, merchandise, clothing, the AGM, walk rules and calendars etc.

At the beginning of 2016 the Central Committee underwent some changes.  Jan Tiffen stepped down as Chair and Dave Peacock stood down as Vice Chair, handing the reigns over to the very capable and steady hands of Debbie Albins and Steve Brown respectively.

The present committee comprises:

  • Debbie Albins  –  Chair and Trustee
  • Steve Brown  –  Vice Chair
  • Jan Tiffen  –  Treasurer and Trustee
  • Charlotte Corsham  –  Secretary
  • Janet Peacock  –  Trustee (and Founder)
  • Rob Tiffen    Trustee
  • Angela Jewitt
  • Dave Peacock 
  • Mandy Brown 
  • Rebekah McGrane 

If you have a comment, query, idea or suggestion about any aspect of Greyhound Walks then please feel free to speak to any one of our committee members or send us a message via our Contact page.