The 2016 Greyhound Walks Rainbow Bridge Walk banner.

As many of you know, we have an annual 15 mile walk to honour all our hounds that are at Rainbow Bridge.

We choose to walk from Notley Country Park (Braintree) as this is where our very first Greyhound Walk was held and we go along the very peaceful disused railway line, the Flitch Way. It’s a time to chat with friends, reflect on our memories and to remember the hounds we have loved.

We appreciate not everyone can walk 15 miles so we have a little taxi service available, to pick up people/hounds and return them to their cars once they have walked as far as they choose.

This year we walked in memory of …

Chelsea, Lass, Parris
Dale, Tip, Peaches
Horis, Domino, Boots, Button
Wagger, Patrick, Charlie, Lenny, Sophie
Lucy, Maya, Tigger, Sandy, Mo
Anna, Indy, Fairy, Daisy
Tuks, Benny, Gemma, Hattie
Mouse, Pixie, Melody, Gracie
Rory, Trio, Teazle
Floos, Flynt, Bella, Mullott
Jimmy, Wanda, Malachi
Tia, Villy, George, Poppy
Flash, Polo, Prince, Champ
Peanut, Ali, Spice
Pebbles, Spooky, Minnie, Sandy
Joe, Cush, Lemon, Daphne
Max, Robbie, Ben, Toby
Pippa, Henry, Dilly, Flash
Mo, Eric, Paddy, Treacle, Sally
Purdy, Eddie, Gerry, George
Finn, Dolly, Stanley, Smokey
Mia, Tess, Kirsty, Jay
Booze, Dana, Jessie, Charlie
Holly, Tess, Billy, Missy
Kyiro, Eliot, Patrick, Dillon
Amy, Mel, Holly, Remy
Izzy, Bonnie, Baz, Eileen
Robbie, Emma, Woody, Solar
Percy, Katie, Tegan, Eddy
Chudley, Vinnie, Lily, Sandy
Izzy, Poppy, Filly
Phoebe, Leo, Alfie

And so many more who have a very special place in our hearts. xxx


(If you would like to walk with us next year, or have your hound(s) included in the memorial then you can register your interest by emailing .)