Photo of 2 toddlers with a large black greyhound.(Photo courtesy of Sam Morris)

After daring to watch the weather forecast, what a relief to wake up to clear skies and dry ground!

Some of the volunteers were scheduled to arrive at the park for 6am to start the initial set up.  I was a lucky one and didn’t need to be there until 6.30! Woo!

This year our very dedicated and hardworking team seemed to work like clockwork.  Was that down to years of experience setting up or just being a brilliant well-tuned team?  The latter I think.

The first trader arrived at 7am so then the show really started to begin.  In the rest trickled and soon everyone was on site, unfurling gazebos, hanging banners and arranging a kaleidoscope of stock.

Next came the raggle, straggle line of dogs and owners, weighed down with blankets, chairs and high hopes of a red rosette!  Pens were made ready for booking in.  Meanwhile, the judges worked their way round the crowds for a first look before the competition started at 11am.

So just who would want to be a judge?  So many of the classes had Darrin and Sam scratching at their chins, furrowing their brows, going back and then back again for another look before they made their final choice.  (Check out the 2016 results table to see who won what.)

Although the skies clouded over it was to our good fortune as the temperature stayed at a very comfortable level and we had no dogs out in the full sun.  Midday saw the start of Miss Millie’s Fun Dog Show, with lots of lovely dogs and owners taking part.  It was great to see so many children in the ring with their ‘best friend’.

As usual, the day seemed to pass in a whirl.  No sooner was the parade of ‘Hounds Looking For Homes’ making their way out of the ring and the fun classes begun than it was all over.  People packed up, smilingly making their way with tired pooches walking slowly by their side back to their cars for the journey home.

Everyone seemed to have an amazing day and that’s what it’s all about – good weather, good company, a good day out.