Photo of the Greyhound Walks 10th Birthday cake.The Greyhound Walks 10th Birthday Cake

The first ever Greyhound Walk was in April 2006 so we thought a little celebration was needed in April 2016.

Greyhound Walks has a lot to celebrate.  For 10 years we have been promoting Greyhounds and Lurchers as pets, supporting homing organisations, socialising our beautiful Hounds and making friends, both furry and human.

Our birthday celebration took place on Sunday the 10th of April.  We started with a stroll along the lovely Flitch Way.  Then came the business part of the day, our AGM, after which we got down to some serious celebrating.

Cake featured quite high on the ‘agenda’ and not just for the humans.  From cheesy biscuits to sardine cakes, the Hounds were certainly not left hungry.

We had a quiz, cake, a raffle with some amazing prizes (including of course a cake) and all sorts of fun games for the dogs, including hunt the sausages in the ball pit.  It really was a great day and we’d like to thank everyone who came along to help make it so special.

After an amazing 10 years we are all very much looking forward to the next 10.  We hope you and your Hounds will enjoy it with us.